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  Dynamic Brake   MENU PRODOTTI  

When the arm of your crane is so long and heavy as to create, during rotation, variations in inertia that can no longer be controlled by an inverter on its own, the solution for obtaining perfect rotation has one name only: DYNAMIC BRAKE

it is an electrodynamic braking device installed on the shaft of a special motor specifically designed for this type of application.

it is ideal for controlling (in conjunction with the inverter) rotation movements on large-sized cranes with very long arms.

it is capable of absorbing, on a real-time basis, all the variations in inertia originating from the rotating mass, the position of the load and wind, thus enabling highly precise manoeuvres and positioning of the arm even in extremely arduous working conditions.

The rotation system with a DYNAMIC BRAKE and INVERTER combination is an exclusive offering of PAE!!


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