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Pae s.r.l.
via Centrale, 18/C
40050 San Benetetto del Querceto (BO)
TEL 051/920600
cell. 335/73 16 662
FAX 051/920767
E-MAIL paesrl@pae.it




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PAE is based in San Benedetto del Querceto, which belongs to the municipality of Monterenzio, located in the province of Bologna. The town is situated along a road called the "Valle dell'Idice", which starts from the via Emilia between San Lazzaro di Savena and Ozzano Emilia and follows the course of the Idice river until reaching the Raticosa pass, where it converges with the old Futa highway leading to Florence.
Pae is located at 18/c via Centrale, opposite the Banca di Credito Cooperativo; it occupies the entire ground floor of a building served by a large parking lot.
The GPS coordinates for locating us are:
44 15' 18"
11 22' 35"



P.A.E. srl     Via Centrale 18/C - 40050     San Benedetto del Querceto (BO) - Italy
tel. 051-920600     fax 051-920767     paesrl@pae.it     P.IVA 01500841208